About us – Excursion Road

About us – Excursion Road

What is Excursion Road?

Within the name Excursion Road you will find over 100 destinations ranging from museums, public beaches, local boutiques, nature reserves, restaurants and hotels. You can also order taxis and buses. We promise that you will find something well suited for you!

The Swedish Landscape
Further in to the country you will find the true nature of Sweden with its wavy landscape and enchanting lakes. The coast is characterised by the almost untouched archipelago with its unique nature reserves. This part of Sweden is easy to access and is an interesting destination both for recreation and for experiences.

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Where do I find Excursion Road?

Excursion Road is an area south of Stockholm and north of Norrköping in Sweden. Nearby airports are Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Stockholm Bromma, Norrköping Airport and Stockholm Skavsta Airport. From the airports or Stockholm’s Central station there are taxis, trains, and buses that will take you towards Excursion Road. You can also reach the destination through Highway E4.

Follow our signs to Excursion Road
Our road signs begin in the southern archipelago of Stockholm commencing in Södertälje and continues south along the coast towards Norrköping.

An excursion from Stockholm

The adventure begins just south of Stockholm. Taste new and exciting foods that never been close to a commercial food chain. Spend the night at places that don’t look like any other hotel in the world. Explore handicrafts which are unique for the particular place and artist. Find and buy things produced with love, they may be a memory for life or possibly the perfect gift for someone?

Explore places that have great significance for Swedish ancestors, and get to know the affinity with the history. Stay away for a weekend, a few days during summer, during the autumn, or a charming winter experience.

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